Sagacious words

Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. ~ Khalil Gibran

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Journey of Ascension

Face it, the fear of colossal pain-
The monster of hate created to destroy
And the growing silence that screams.

Fall down into the abyss where all hope dies-
The hell of the unseen journey of ascension
Awaits- as the furor of confrontation grows.
Peace be upon the survivors of turmoil-
Warriors who know how to defy and adapt.


Monday, 24 December 2012


The truth it scalds like a flame,
Always burning away the lies,
As the games that people play,
Bypass the fog of many a reality

In spite of the merciless onslaught,
The frantic pace will still continue,
Peppered with moments of cold pity
As well as stepping stones of irony

Some say the winds blow in change,
Yet the boulders of stubbornness
Destroy the house of every just age
In the feral landscapes of ambition

Does the quest for new hope grow
With the slaying of old pestilence?
And under the blind spots of misery,
Will the world's cup always overflow?



Chasing lights in streets of darkness,
The clutter of living, induces a kind of blindness,
Marked targets flee from messy reality-
Anger and fear create the disparity.
In worlds of wonder and dreams,
The shiny inventions muffle the screams.
To outdo the other; a way of progression,
Which always leads to an inner regression.
The furthest from the core,
Lose the fight for acquiring more,
To be swept up on a lonely beach-
Is the result of deep truth and to their own is each.

- J.Bibi

The manic trespasses of reason

Freedom awaits in lairs of pain and deceit,
As the defeated drink the waters of treason,
Just to still the manic trespasses of reason-
To follow roads that lead to a defensive conceit,

-To mourn no more in the prisons of shame,
Because the hours of pain have a time of day
And yet grieve for the moments taken away-
That deserve nothing but the horrors to tame,

Empowered spirits tread carefully around pain,
As through dimensions of layered names,
The courageous challenge the burning flames-
And are given permission to slay the 'inhumane.'

Such is the state of our engimatic species innate,
That as repetitive circles of love and hate grow
The blind follow the blind and the wise only know,
That only the seasons of pain build obscure fate.


Of destinations

In the bluest oceans
And in the greenest fields,
In the brightest snow
And in the darkest night,

The rhythms of dancing hearts,
Grow stronger with each even beat,
Pulsating around the sun-
The energy of the living, shines on.

Through the eyes of evil and good,
The monsters and mice fight on-
Charmed, the defeats and conquests,
In time honoured cycles of presence.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lessons of life

Quietly, quietly the night moves,
As the day steals away breath,
In a paradise lost,
Humility of strength proves
To create a trust.

In weakness and in health,
the harder
the test,
the better
the result.

Gently, gently the breeze sings,
As lies lead the way to death,
at hell's own cost,
Courage over fear brings
A divine crust-

In happiness and in wealth,
the deeper
the rest,
the wiser
the touch.


Friday, 21 December 2012

Too much

Too much-
The lies,
The cruelty,
The oppression.

The separation in the sky
Of the clear from the clouded-
Is made possible,
When the air is right
And allows for better sight.



Dignified destiny,
Play not the hand of deceit,
The lies are strong and the days-
Heavy with intrinsic wrongs,
Incensed by the greed of the powerful-
A challenge to the status,
Of reality-
In crawling through fields of broken glass,
The goals were never meant to be lost,
Elemental obstacles-
Creating rage and loss,
The mourning of the worn,
Turns into dust.
The stars light up the night-
Needs must.



Nature persistently fights the elements ethereal
And then leaves ephemeral traces of the surreal
The kaleidoscope of vengeful stars keep reeling
And cycles of constant pain refuse true healing
In a moral compass that has to fester and bleed
And through the due process that time must heed
Days of glorified hell can become something else
When all the shades of light are born from oneself.


Sad days

Anyone but me-
Let the house belong,
To all the others
And let the spirit
Run away from here.

The world is better,
Stronger, superior
Than anything inside
This monstrosity.

The way that the world
Works, is the way it is.
Life is bitter and twisted
And then it is gone.


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Humble abode

To be-
What is expected,
what is prepared for-
The worlds greatest tale,
of deception and betrayal.

In humble abode does hope lay-
The stars shine intensely-
On a landscape of notoriety
And let the chances fall
Wherever they may.


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ruthless Process

Torn and bleeding from the wounds of living,
Life kills faster than it forgives-
Such is the ruthless process,
Of destruction and creation.

You say that you are strong and at peace,
When the tears flow freely and the blockades-
Grow ever bigger, day by day.

From the depth of all that is real,
The night ignores the truths of the light-
And grants a freedom from the constraints
Of what not to think, or of what not to feel.


Thursday, 13 December 2012


The way to, is that a-way
And the light shines bright
But there is just no way-
To get there.

In the depth of the heart
Is a deep, pulsating wound
And its consequences are-
Terrifyingly clear.

With numbness of pain
Move slowly and pretend-
Walk as if you are dead-
Die as you live.

From unearthed sorrow
Is finally born the hope-
For a faith to begin-
To live again.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Shadows of the Unknown

The soothsayers give hope in the midst of painful times,
The storms always pass with staunch prayers
And with the determined calming of nerves,
As in the truest form of survival-
The heart understands revival.
In the dark tunnels of birthing the harsh lights cannot kill,
The power of truth of earth, nor the hopes and dreams
Bestowed by the seemingly eerie gifts of failure-
So inherently held in the shadows of every unknown.

- J.Bibi

Carried by the Light

The waves of pain drag under into a world alien-
As the memories are flooded into clear sight.
And the creases of doubts are washed away,
For a distant music grows from the shadows
A place to move to- whilst carried by the light.

Shine me a way from above the murky waters-
A strange place which can be seen through a haze,
The dramatic and skewed sights of obscurity
Are born from the mind of a crazed entity
Which moves in silence through life's maze.


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Furore of the Invisible

Safe in a superficial life,
The warmth, born of lies,
Keeps at bay all the strife.

Meetings on a higher plane,
Create frictions in the dirt,
A play, of universal games.

Flowers frozen within sleep,
Hide a furore of the invisible,
And surrender to a terror deep.

Tears and words of relevance,
Born from within pits of fire,
Are by-products of negligence.


Against Wars unspoken

Crying tears of blood,
In hidden oceans of silence,
The noise deafens-
The heart and it's violence

Move further from the broken;
Gladly from the rooftops,
Of homes with sky lines,
Set against wars unspoken.

One step in front of the other-
Single file and head down,
The mighty terrors of reality,
And the power of one over another.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Solid Empathy

I forgive you, even if you failed me
I forgive you, despite the wounds inflicted upon me.
The nights are long and the days are wrong,
I fight for the right to be happy and strong.

In this kaleidoscope of life, the lights shine bright-
The uneasy monsters hidden, put up a heck of a fight.
In the midst of the storm, it is hard to hold on
But letting go of hope, means never moving on.

The road long and stones sharp to rip the feet
And in the distance the chaos moves eagerly;
Will the winds of change create defeat,
Or inch closer to the destined victory?

A life unafraid and yet full of tranquility-
Strength and inner peace born from solid empathy,
That is the prayer of me as the wise sage-
The conflicted struggle in every worldly age.