Sagacious words

Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. ~ Khalil Gibran

Thursday, 26 July 2012

On the run

As in age does the wisdom grow
and as in pain does the resilience show,
When the artist delivers a stroke of genius-
The light of life shines on the darkest of canvasses;
Flow brightly the colours under the sun,
Flow freely the imagination on the run.


Sunday, 22 July 2012


In the hardest of places,
The shrouded fear truimphs a pure defiance-

The laziest of souls die-
In hyperactive compliance

The ease with which life betrays,
Is overshadowed only by that which it destroys

Through the rough terrain of survival
Does the spirit validate it's arrival.



The vines of the old  giant fortress,
Grow old and weary over the craggy rocks-
As the entwined branches cover the  dead and the living.

The death of the old,
Gives way to the growth of the living,
The ways and the days-
Of  inevitable qualms and of forgiving.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

You and the Rage

You and the rage of the world;
In search of a peaceful place-
And yet impeded by every demonic race,

Globally the waves of hate crash on serenity;
Too big and too much of a bait-
To allow the building of harmony.

Why the discomfort to fight for a cause?
Why the internalised wounds of discontent? 
The normal life is good, it is safe,
Yet in the mind burn the fires of dissent

And life delivers every unseen blow,
Just often enough to let you know-
That total healing will not be allowed-
The furnace of strife moulds nothing more-

Than half-made and half baked creations,
From the rain and sunshine, it follows
Are made insidious lies and overt lying sensations;
Why do some, see what they want to see?
And others see none of the prescribed scenery?

Fly away misery,
Fly away crappy negativity
Fly away the cursed inability
And let good things be.


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Laws of the Jungle

The laws of the jungle, signify the arrival
Of extortion and the demise of nature.
The savagery of the hunt  involves nurture-
Destroying the processes of survival.

A measured step that leads to an appreciation-
Of the assault course and propels towards deprecation-
Of movements, geared to undermining the real game;
For the continued enhancement of the food chain.


Friday, 13 July 2012

The Splendour of Hypocrisy

The gregarious splendour of hypocrisy,
Shines out with such a glaring ferocity,
That the hidden truths seem to be dead
And the mighty liars never need to regret.

The monstrosities of the human mind,
Devour all hopes of the redeeming kind,
Where life can be truly safe and sound-
Yet an honest heart is ever forward bound.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fires of Faith

The words ring empty as the reality refuses to catch up
And the worlds of silence grow in magnitude-
As the fires of faith struggle to contain,
The harmony of peace, required to patch up-
The results of ground breaking ineptitude.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Reflections of Being

I wonder sometimes, how will history judge us?
 How will history judge me? Will our lives fall into the abyss of irrelevance? 
 Or will there be any note, realistic or otherwise- 
as to how we affected the progress of humanity's imprint on planet Earth?
I know that history is written by the victors but it still adds to the reality of 'now'.
 I sometimes think about people like Marco Polo,
 Ibn Battuta, Temujin Khan and Nusayba bint Ka'b, 
they were just people. People who bled and cried, who hoped and dreamed. 
 Some of them more privileged than others but vulnerable all the same.
I wonder, do all people know and understand how it feels to fly?
 People CAN live peacefully, otherwise, we'd all have probably butchered our own families first.
I read something the other day, that we are all a part of the cosmos,
 just as a wave is a part of an ocean. 

The universe makes us, just as from the ocean comes the droplet. 

You could view this in two ways. 

On the one hand, this proves the irrelevance of 'us'.

 In mass and in individual form.

 On the other hand this could also be seen, to prove the relevance of 'us'. 

 In mass and in individual form...

I guess the key is to find the balance between individual power and mass power bases...?

I have a problem with people who speak in absolutist language.
It's true that my 'reality' is mine and all you can hope to do,
 is to influence it. You cannot truly change it, ever. That is my power alone. 
I know that I do it myself, a lot sometimes- 
speak with an authority that is maybe not justified.
 However in order to walk we need to take solid steps- the key though,
 is to understand strongly, how easy it is to get lost... for we are fallible, 
slaves to nature and to the traumas of being born and dying. 



Life is like a garden,
Full of pleasant smells
And sights-
With a breeze of gentleness,
To hold you,
In the fabric of time-
Stitched together-
The universe.

Other times,
Life is like a tightrope,
Which spans across
A canyon-
From which-
Volcanic fires rage.
It too,
Binds you-
Into the fabric
Of time and space.

To survive-
To stay alive
And truly live,
You have to,
Get through-
The enticing garden
And the terrifying,
Whether you like it,
Or not-