Sagacious words

Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. ~ Khalil Gibran

Friday, 28 September 2012


The undeserved cry of preference
Congeals into shallow moods of indifference;
The crow will fly as the stench grows in every which way
And the truth will survive as the lies, reality does slay
In the wilderness of loss and denial
The carved lacerations are rendered menial-
Within currents of chaos that lead to healing;
The limitless endurance of an unconquerable feeling.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

True Face

The cord is cut and the blood flows free,
As the breath returns and the stars shine eternally,
In glee the locusts spread across the night,
The crops and the disease vanquished outright-
Maybe the wounds were meant to bleed until scarification,
Maybe the life was meant to flow until depletion.

Walking, running crawling, sliding towards the light,
The followers of regression, capitulate and give up the fight,
As screaming souls banish the solar system to its rightful place,
The lies of life and the deceptions of death show true face-
Grieve for the days gone and the suffocation still-
A stampede against the future destroyed through mind-kill.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Calm of the Eye

In the midst of the ageless storm,
Relief is in the calm of the eye,
A little of normality to be found,
In the raging of the infinite sigh.

From the depths of every bomb,
The star-led pull toward the light
Since times of the unbeknown-
'Tis the fiery path of an eternal fight.

In the old ways the wounds bleed
As the pains of life surge skywards,
The crying game pays not any heed-
To the infinite flames hurtling onwards.
- J.Bibi

And then the Rage

Round and around in circles,
The pain-
The grief-
The guilt...
And then the rage.

More so the ride terrifies,
The betrayal-
The deception-
The shame...
And then the rage.

Clinging on to  hope,
for calm,
For health,
For love...
And then the rage.


The Ruins of Fate

The laughter and jeering of belittlement and derision-
Are ploys of control generated as the games of gods;
The favours bestowed upon the less fortunate-
As inside the monster's lair all prey fights for survival
And the deeds of the valiant hang shredded,
Amongst the ruins of fate destroyed leaving heart embers to glow,
Within freshly unearthed hope, despite the thriving markets of obfuscation
And for redemption the hard won goals of need submit to the airs of turmoil,
As with the shelter of reason the quests lead to a trespassing-
On ethereal plateaus of fiery and dynamic imaginations.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Unpalatable truths are exposed-
 In hurricanes of revelation,
And an acceptable understanding
Is a spiritual exploration;
known as the height of accomplishment,
Within an array of galaxies
The universe is the witness,
To all matter of injuries-
Tiny specks of irrelevant being,
And atomic seconds of eternity
Make virtually supersonic matter called life.

~ J.Bibi

Saturday, 15 September 2012


The shaken earth moves and the skies fall into the abyss-
And the seal of death gives that which life cannot dismiss;
As the feasts of contempt coincidentally cause delusion-
The groundswell grows through to become a confusion
And the bitterness of reality poisons the stream of normal;
Sometimes regular is rearranged into something phenomenal.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Two wings

Vilification and rejection are the two wings of alienation.
And though seeds of violence, can grow into wisdom-
It is the size of the heart that always defines the outcome.

Triumph over the crooked lines of barbed wire provocation,
Is the sum of all times, within the daze of wounded reflection-
And always the journey in isolation is really one of validation.

- J.Bibi

Monday, 10 September 2012


The same as is to live life, is to become undone,
For feeble mind games are never really strong,
When love transpires into a gladness lifelong.
When shallow graves of the undead are opened,
To reveal a beauty of all our powers most potent
And in holy matters of solid peace and devotion-
A life becomes an odyssey of doubts and beliefs;
Where to seek wisdom in the reflections of grief,
Is to find ground upon which agony becomes ease.



Saturday, 8 September 2012

Upon Wings of Deceit

Some of the faux righteous gaze over the bounty of their great deeds,
Whilst others remain ignorant to the secret burials of their real needs
And lost to all rich heirs; is wealth in the journey of just introspection-
As those sustained by conformity, eventually find empty, all exaltations.

In the haste of a panicked retreat, is the defeat of the soul blamed-
As the nightmare of truth, with lies has always been callously tamed.
Onwards, is the march to guiltless horizons upon the wings of deceit-
As the favours of glory and justice, always are made via cold conceit.

And carrying, harrowing remorse for responsibilities of gain not shared-
Do the guilty leave the battlefields of life with their remorse undeclared.
The awoken renegades of dissent still live upon survivalist insistence-
As within covert wars of rebellion, is a passionately simmering defiance.


With Patience

Dangerous and destructive
The journeys of regression
New waves
in detailed old indiscretions
The cyclical movements
Keep growing
As the x-rayed insides
Keep burning
The dream is alive
As the horizon is receding
Fools hold onto pride
And betray their very souls
Savage but picturesque
Primitive goals
Make the fires rage
As the landscapes smoulder
And the foolish shout
As the innocent run
And the wise dream
Within all terror
Is the truth bared
As it is inhumanity
Which controls disarray
Yet it is with patience
Of love and humanity
That harmony is restored.


Fusion Dreams

The retching, fainting and folding in-
Give way to the growing and flourishing,
The moods swings become-
As different worlds of vision
And the imagined becomes-
The solitary reality of fusion dreams-
Instead of becoming clear and fortified-
The justified malaise of forbearing indulgence.
Increased awareness of incidents,
Pertaining to indifference and it's effects-
The most indefinable sections of the matrix-
Reveal the most exciting and relevant developments,
The freshly learnt puzzle pieces of the picture-
Causing a greater kind of confusion-
What is the meaning of the image?
Any which way makes it clearer
But in effect, less succinct.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Wonderful Rain

As the heavy rain washes away
The fear of mundane existence,
The grey clouds comfort the world,
With the promise of reborn earth,

And the puddles across footpaths
Come across as treacherous chasms,
Disallowing safe passage, which can
be overcome with careful navigation,

Raindrops flood the dusty plains,
With the fresh breeze of renewed life
And outlines of umbrellas that shield,
Bend from the meeting with strong winds,

As the innocence of wonder flies
Against the face of cynical experience,
Gone are the bounds of responsibility
As the carefree kick through quagmires,

Soaking those who stand unassuming
And breaking through the fickle layers,
As the force and sting of ethereal tears,
Allows for respite and a spiritual breathing.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fears of the Wounded Heart

Comforted by the trappings of all good, worldly decadence
The wisdom of the past gives way to progressive ignorance-
The fears of the wounded heart become ever deeper,
The vision of reality is obscured with every little reminder-
Maybe it is easier to quit aspirations and go with the flow
And to let the forces of the world do what they would do.



The walls we build-
Make up this house called life,
Walls that are solid enough-
To shelter us
And strong enough-
For us to lean on-
Walls that separate
And walls that hold us in, Walls that keep out the cold
And hold in the warmth,


Song of Lament

She sat there for hours.
And as she meowed and screeched,
The air stormed.
The pitiful sounds played in the wind like moving echos.
She just sat there and sang her sorrowful song.
And it was beseeching sadness-
The tone, that came from her throat.
The two little kittens played impatiently around her.
She seemed oblivious to them
And even as they leaned on her trying to get her attention,
she angrily pushed them away with her paw,
Though her face didn't change,
Her eyes didn't move
And her song of lament didn't stop.