Sagacious words

Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. ~ Khalil Gibran

Monday, 26 November 2012


From the blazing distance, the eyes shine bright,
As the mountainous obstacles touch the clouds
And the shadows of the sun obscure the light.

Frantic and beating heart do not ever falter,
The path is perilous but the goal is clearer,
It is simply your own fear you must conquer.

So many fake temptations all along the way,
Enticing and promising many a better day-
Don't let distractions, from reality let you sway,

The goal is badly clear but the gauntlet must be run;
For the hearts of those who need to be sheltered
And the hard destruction and danger you must shun

The eternal promise of the great universe is greater
And indeed it is raw pain that does creates strength-
Let not your faith and belief in the Cosmos ever flounder.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Comfort of Conformity

As the web of lies draws ever tighter, beware the goals of predators,
Today 'they' the evil parasites terminated, tomorrow the goals shift
And 'we' so very suddenly and easily become, the heedless martyrs.

Enslaved minds, surrender blithely free will and free thought,
Where today, wealth soothes and the worker bees work tirelessly,
The comfort of belonging and having- justified as it is hard earned.

In comfortable numbness, common humanity submits too easily,
Surrendering the reins of power to greedy, untrustworthy leaders;
In time the aggressors become the victims of two-faced ideology.

Thinkers for our own benefits, beware the comfort of conformity-
Betrayal is in a days work for those who play efficiently with lives,
Ideologues awaken, beware the backdrop of a money driven reality.


Fill the Universe

Lost in thoughts of loss,
The rage never stops-
In the lands of strife.

The grief of a single soul-
Could fill the universe, whole
But it matters not.

As the winds blow ever strong,
Against those who have done no wrong-
The air fills with excuses.

People are too strong in greed,
In landscapes fit not for the weak-
Say the almost slain.

Time will tell the truth of this tale-
If and when justice will prevail-
To create a reconciliation.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fiery Pits of Hell

The frozen pain gives way to uncontrolled hysteria.
Birth and death hold the keys to an eternal paranoia-
This is the song of the cyclical rainbow
The landscape about which only some know.

In depths of the fiery pits of hell,
The storms pass by in a frequency too hard to quell
And the rise of destructive forces take no blame,
About the goals that they seeks to attain,
Free from the chains of universal reason,
In open repulsion do await all the graves of treason.


Can time turn the tide?

Walking along the path,
Of safe living
The masters of the world
Said that obedience,
Would lead to
An abundance of giving.

As the fat cats
Urge subservience,
Those who fall,
Off of the ride
Sit dazed,
In invisible grievance.

In truth,

Can time turn the tide?
Innocents rendered parasites-

Should be an enlightenment
For those who can see the sequence
And the suspect motivations-
Of those powered by a greedy allegiance.


Monday, 12 November 2012

Folklore of a Millennium

From the depths of time buried and hidden,
I have called out to those who were forgiven;
The light of the sun burns as brightly as ever,
As the bound limbs of the Gorgon, begin to sever,
In timeless gore, alas life has come to become,
Rampant forces of the weak growing ever stronger,
And when the warrior heart shall arise from slumber,
So the tide shall turn as the waves grow in number,
Give apt credence to the folklore of a millennium,
The different fates all point to the same continuum.

- J.Bibi

In Dreams

In vivid dreams, you see the sun
And the moon and all the stars-
You see the echoes of existence
And the way it has always been.

In the dreams, you see the galaxies
And the universe in all its majesty-
You see the souls of those you love
And the calling that their hearts' give.

In dreams, you see the suffering world
And the ethereal healing from the earth-
You see the distance between what is
What was and what in eternity, shall be.

In dreams, you hear the songs of infinity
From souls who sing over time and space;
Whisperings of a power transcendence.
And you know that as you see, you believe.



The lies build up a storm,
Which threatens to destroy everything.

Under the setting sun of an evening,
The flowers wilt from the chill of frost.

And yet as the night grows stronger,
With its song of darkness and light,

The stars overpower the sky,

And the storm becomes a new wonder.

- J.Bibi

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Through the Mist

Cry into the river tears of madness
And as the sun rises through the mist,
Let the heart sing with gladness.

Feel fiercely the quiet loss,
As the pain deafens all reason-
And permits the spirit to move across,

Through barriers of time and space,
The waves of temporary relief,
Allow it all to show upon you face.



The slaying of every trust-
From the poison of lies,
Leads to moments of redress-
To fade and grow in turns.

Hear the cries-
Tell people the truth!
What truth- that which enriches?
Or that which pacifies?

Never let the ambiguity of sides,
Deter the voice against injustice-
As the promises turn into dust-
The visions becomes stronger.


Sunday, 4 November 2012


The relentless roads lead to higher ground,
More on some days than others
And the screaming doubts alight into dreams,
As the realities outstrip the blindsides.
Cover the ground with the carpet of hopes,
As the miles of coverage rise into the sky-
As the song fills the valley of life,
With the sweetness of a higher calling,
Of ethereal senses and surreal belonging.